Bucket List

Bucket List or Living List or Life List, whatever you want to call it I’ve got loads and I’d need many more lifetimes to finish them in. That’s kind of the point, they’re not here to be finished (at least to my mind), because if they were what would be the point in…well, anything. They’re here to inspire. Hopefully my Bucket Lists- I like calling them that because it’s pretty blunt and straight forward- will inspire you, whoever you may be and whatever your lists may include, to write your own and motivate you to do some of it. I’m going to insert and update my Bucket Lists as I work down them, or up them, or add things to them if I decide it should have been there in the first place. This is an evolving page; if you have any questions or you can spot any places I’ve said I’ve been but I’ve not written about, fire away!


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