23 Things I’ve Learnt At 23


I was inspired to write this by Weylie’s recent video, 23 Things At 23. I have been watching Weylie on YouTube for years (since we we’re both 14/15) and we are the exact same age down to a gap of just a few weeks, which means I find her really easy to relate to. So I thought I’d do this post too; I think you learn a lot every year and new things I’ve learnt are certainly not limited to just 23, but I may as well start sharing somewhere. Since it was my birthday on Saturday, here are my 23 Things I’ve Learnt At 23…

Me at the ruins

1. Letting go is easier than holding on.

2. There will rarely if ever be a time where everyone you love or want to be near is in the same place at the same time. That’s not something to get hooked up on, just accept it and roll with it. It means your life can be more fluid and spontaneous, and that home isn’t bound to one place.

3. You aren’t born with the innate ability to cook. It’s not To Cook Or Not To Cook; you can learn.DSC04767

4. 98% of what you see on Social Media is a white lie. And that’s fine. Even on my social media, on that of people close to you, take everything with a pinch of salt – and I work in social media so I would know. If you find you’re getting too hooked on it, turn the channels off for a bit and give yourself space to appreciate your own life.

5. Nostalgia can be a good, and a bad thing.

6. Go for a wee and have a shower after you have sex. Just do it, where the latter isn’t possible, do the former! (Not sure if this applies to guys… let me know).

7. You’re going to fail at things.

8. The longest minute is only sixty seconds.

DSC04777 - Copy

9. Money can be the hardest thing to get your head round – but don’t give up, and don’t let it control your life either.

10. You aren’t just stuck the way you are, with those character flaws, things you aren’t happy with. Only you have the ability to change them though.

11. Keeping plants alive is harder than you think. I don’t think I’ll ever be a good gardener, I didn’t think it would be so difficult!

12. Being in a relationship can be an exercise in patience and tolerance.

13. Your room is never too small to work out.

14. You will learn more about your family than you ever wanted to know.


15. Being in a team is the best feeling in the world.

16. It’s not obligatory to be jealous of other people. Would you really want that for yourself or are they just living a different life? If they’ve just made different choices to you, remember you made your choices for a reason.

17. No one will warn you about the simple and common medical issues we get all the time. We need to talk people!

18. Sometimes the total opposite of what you wanted can be amazing. Sometimes it feels like life is looking at the things you want or are aspiring to and it hands you the complete opposite just for fun. It’s the universe giving you a gift.

19. Comparison is your worst enemy.

20. Downward dog is not a fun, relaxing or comfortable yoga pose.


21. Don’t be afraid to push for what you want. Speak up. Whether it’s from doctors, a product or service you’re paying for, teachers or lecturers, your landlord – there are some things you do have a right to ask for.

22. Your body won’t run on empty.

23. You can only guarantee one person’s happiness; that person is you.


Those are my nuggets of wisdom, such as they are. I hope to have a few blog posts off the back of this talking a bit more about those things I learnt, and sharing more, I hope, as I learn it. What have you learnt about life so far? Whatever age you are, your insight into your own life and your friends’ lives is unique and invaluable; reflect on it sometimes because you know more than you think.

Aurovillecourtesy of ajfstuart.com


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