Bestie Bucket List

So this post was fully inspired by the eternally inspirational Yara Michels. This week (I think, I read Bloglovin’ fairly sporadically) on her blog she gave us a printable Bestie Bucketlist. What a good idea!

Her #chapterfridaysbestiebucketlist was certainly cute but, with things like ‘get matching nail art’ and ‘get the same ear piercing’, I feel like my bestie (any of them) would totally agree that this bucket list isn’t very us! Things like ‘Sleep Outside’, ‘Paint a Wall Together’ and ‘Create a Home Cinema’ I have definitely already ticked off with my longest standing bestie. I have known this fabulous girl for over half my life (!) and so we have a good head start on the list, but she’ll be the first to agree our friendship has become a bit mechanical and boring over the last year or so. It comes from living in separate cities, living separate lives, and having to travel to see one another. We’ve both been studying, now we’re both working full-time and have to travel over an hour to see each other – we spend most of our short time together just getting down to the basics of being tired and catching up.


But this week I decided enough is enough. We have some stuff to do – before we get old without noticing it. It’s so good and refreshing to do something new for your friendship, as with any relationship, and it’s been a long time since I did anything different with my lovely Ellen. So without further ado, here are my versions of the Bestie Bucket List. I’ve done one for me and Ell and some to encompass some of my other wonderful friends.

13 Things for 13 Years Together

  1. Climb a mountain (doesn’t need to be the highest one in the world, I just want to achieve something with you).
  2. Go to a spa again (last time was fun).
  3. Do a fun run, a charity run, or something similar and cool together (Triathlon? …feel free to laugh).
  4.  Live together. This will probably never happen, but even for a month would be great fun.
  5.  Go to the cinema together again, it’s been so long.
  6.  Shopping spree, without remotely worrying about my bank balance.
  7.  Try something brand new together. A sport, a food stuff, a dance class (eek), a holiday destination, an experience; up to you!
  8. Get photo booth print out photos!
  9.  Go in a hot air balloon together – I can dream right?
  10.  Go to a new country/city together.
  11.  Make cocktails together again.
  12.  Road trip! (Even a short one).
  13.  Send each other (another) postcard from somewhere bonkers.



For some of my other wonderful besties…

  1. Visit each other at home! This applies to a bunch of my friends, some new friends I’ve just made, some I’ve known a while but I need to fly to see, and one who’s just moved house.
  2. Complete a physical challenge together – Em, because why not?!..
  3. Go dancing and clubbing together – Judit, because we’re never off work at the same time. Damn your night shift!
  4. Go on holiday together – Em, because how have we not yet?
  5. Do something just for us, for a day or a weekend, and not think or worry about or be disturbed by anyone else – you know who you are!

I think I could go on and on all day. These kind of lists are beautiful and mildly addictive, it’s like building a daydream on paper. I think that’ll do to start though, what’s your Bestie Bucket List? Make it something special, memorable and something only you two could do together (it can be a friend, a sister, a partner, a parent…your dog. It doesn’t have to be your bestie).

then tell me!


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