Cramond Island – Edinburgh’s Amazing Daytrip



I know I fall in love easily – I really, really do – but Cramond Island was an exhilarating day trip. I really was swept away by the fresh air, the crisp views across the sea and all the way back up to the highlands and the wild feeling of the tiny island. That’s not to say you can’t see the influence of man here; from the concrete causeway to the bomb shelters, a building that was possibly once occupied and a few strips of concrete, all obvious signs are remnants of the second world war. But it feels like another time, as if we’re walking here as tourists after an apocalypse.

DSC07275DSC07236 DSC07292DSC07218 DSC07210DSC07224

The island is only a mile long, and approximately 300m wide, but although it’s tiny Cramond feels very isolated and wild. The walk across the windswept causeway gives you a chance to look around at the beautiful coastline, you can see so much green and yet still so much of Edinburgh too – and then there’s the sea. The island was pretty popular with families, photographers and dog walkers too – I kept thinking how much I’d like to have my daily run here. There were plenty of photo opportunities and I think this island, in its own little, unique way, would be beautiful at all times of year. It felt very Famous Five!

This is the perfect place to feel wild, to take a picnic and really appreciate a small part of Scotland’s coastline. It’s a great way to feel small, looking at the sea and the horizon, at Edinburgh and at the snow on top of the beautiful highlands. An inspirational escape from the city and really the ideal day or half day trip, dependant on whether the weather is good and if you fancy a trip to the mainland pub.

Getting there: Bus 41 heading from several stops in central Edinburgh (I picked it up just across the bridge from the National Art Gallery in the new town). It takes about 40minutes. Beware, you need exact change for the buses in Edinburgh, single fare is about £1.50. At the weekend, check the bus times back because they only seem to go once an hour.

Getting out: The causeway route to the island is governed by tide times, and you don’t want to have to call the coast guard out to transport you less than a mile back to the mainland, so do check your tide times before you head out.

DSC07251DSC07277 DSC07267DSC07276 DSC07290DSC07253

Want more on my trip to Edinburgh? Have you been to Cramond Island, and if not, what’s your favourite Edinburgh day trip?


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