Quick Pics from Lisbon

My first day in Lisbon has been lovely and feels like it was long too – although we were out for less than 12 hours. We walked for miles, I wish one of us had a pedometer on.

We walked all around Alfama, along by the port, in several churches and up to the Castello de Sao Jorge. We found a gorgeous market too, full of amazing smelling food; I opted for a doughnut. And tonight we managed to eat a meal with beer for €9 each. Winning!

I love all the colours here, the old buildings that are terracotta and blue and yellow and the gaudy coloured trams and tuk-tuks sliding between them on the cobbled streets. I’ve also found I love the smell of people grilling fish and roasting chestnuts on street corners; it makes me want to inhaled the city extra intensely, to keep it with me.

We’ve spent a lot of time looking at the city from above. I’ve attached a few photos, but I didn’t take many on my phone.





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