Wanderlust Wednesday #1

Okay let’s talk dreams. I love to dream; I distract myself on a daily basis from any number of tasks by dreaming, I hold off going to sleep to dream while I’m awake, I make dreams more often than I make dinner. So I’m going to start a Wanderlust series, so I can write down my continuous lusting after almost every destination on the planet.
This week I’ve been dreaming about the Netherlands. Half dreaming, half planning actually. I am so desperate to go there, as I speak Dutch and have never visited the Netherlands (insanity!) and there are so many place in the Netherlands I’d like to visit.
I want to go to Amsterdam, obviously, I want to visit a million museums, drink wine by the canal and go to a flower market somewhere in the vicinity too. While I’m at it I’d love to go to the Dutch coast – I don’t mind too much where I just have a vision of a windswept, very European coastline where I can wrap up warm and go for almost endless walks. I’d also love to explore Utrecht, Antwerp and Rotterdam, for various reasons and also den Hague. I’ve also been told the area around Maastricht is beautiful and I should definitely pay a visit. I feel like I could possibly, and may hopefully, spend months in the Netherlands. I want to eat Dutch food, drink Dutch/Belgian beer, speak to Dutch people and walk in the Dutch countryside. I went to immerse myself in the Netherlands.

 Where are you dreaming of today?

amsterdam Utrecht Coastline-Friesland-beach

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