January Favourites

These are my travel favourites, and general life favourites from January – well, from the last few months really, but I’ve got to start this series somewhere – which I’d love to share with you guys. Do you have any favourites right now? Things that are making travel or life so much easier/more fun/lovelier?


Ohmygoodness I am in love with my new carry-on sized suitcase. It’s by Antler and was a Christmas gift from my amazing big brother (I couldn’t have afforded to splash out on this myself right now!). It’s a hard shell, really tough looking and the interior is super quality with a surprising amount of space. I know, it can only have as much space as it says on the tin, we haven’t moved into another reality, but there’s no space wasted inside the case with unnecessary lining and add-ons. I love suitcases with dividers, so your things don’t just fly everywhere, you can keep some semblance of order and I also like that there’s just one tiny safe pocket in this one, for those things you just can’t afford to lose. I haven’t road tested this yet but I’ll update after my Portugal trip; it looks sturdy and it’s a brand I really trust.

suitcase by Antler suitcase by Antler [more photos at the end.]


If you’re looking for suitcases and this one is a tad expensive, I feel your pain! I always recommend heading to TK Max or one of those ‘Bag Shops’ on the high street, to see what you can get reduced.

Amazing Mutli-Plug:

So I was introduced to this by my best friend and it’s literally genius. I’m pretty sure this plug can go EVERYWHERE in the world, which is awesome. it’s not too heavy, and it folds away neatly so no prongs are going to snap off in transport. I literally love that I can go from British, to European to American all in one plug. And the USB slots are an added bonus, as for many of my electronics I can just bring a USB-Micro-USB and be winning.

DSC06892 DSC06905

DSC06903 DSC06895

Colouring Book:

Okay, this one isn’t as easy to travel with as my little carry-on sized colouring book. Actually it’s a right pain to travel with, so I don’t recommend it unless you’re taking a small child with you, who you want to amuse, in which case I thoroughly recommend travelling with this thing. It’s a beautiful full-sized colouring book by Johanna Basford, who in my opinion seems to make the best colouring books out there in this age now saturated with colouring opportunities. She’s made plenty of others too but I’m totally in love with this one. I have also started it, quite accidentally, in a rather collaborative way; my little cousin, my mum and one of my best friend’s have all contributed a bit to this book, which I really like. I feel like on a train or plane, you could totally open this up to collaboration with stranger too (probably all of them under 10, but hey, you never know). I think I would definitely take this with me if I was travelling for an extended period alone though – to keep you company on a quiet night in the youth hostel.


P.s. Check out the instagram: @instasecretgarden, it’s awesome.


Cro MTV Unplugged Live sessions. I’ve got so much love for pretty much all of Cro’s music – you can’t not feel happy listening to that stuff. These live sessions absolutely take the biscuit though; especially Bye Bye, it’s really quite moving and I am listening to it on repeat at the moment, it’s a bit more serious than some of his other music and I love it.



Okay so, yes it came out last month, however I have seen it twice, and would totally see it again (or buy it on DVD because I have already donated way too much money to the cinema lately!) but STAR WARS is my absolute undeniable favourite film of the moment. I am obsessed with all of them so this was just great – I mean, we’ve all seen that story before, they played it pretty safe, but at the same time I was pleased it was so respectful of the original films. LOVE IT!

I must also say, I finally watched Ant Man the other day – thanks to my flatmate’s awesome BluRay collection – and I really liked it, that is good quality Marvel stuff and made me giggle a lot. While we’re on the topic, my new favourite, unbelievably addictive series is Jessica Jones – so good!


To see all of the amazing books I read over the last year (I left out my textbooks on German Grammar and Das Deutsche Sprachatlas) you should definitely check out my Best Beach Reads of 2015 post, because I haven’t been reading a whole lot this month to be honest. I have started one book but I don’t love it, so I’m having a dig around to find a new one for February.

DSC06914 DSC06909 DSC06912

suitcase by Antler suitcase by Antler suitcase by Antler suitcase by Antler

Don’t forget to tell me your favourites at the moment in a comment!



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