The List 2016

So I’m in two minds about a Bucket List this year – if you want to know why check out my Bilingual blog (which I may be transferring to this site too). Basically I have become somewhat disenchanted with the concept of lists, and of setting huge expectations for myself, every day let alone every year. So I tentatively write this list, thinking about things I might actually be able to afford to do, and that I might definitely want to do. On the other hand, compared to all this list negativity, I am ultimately a big fan of sitting down and building dreams for myself while I write, even if that’s all they remain. And that’s what I did with my 2015 Bucket List.

Me camera Laos

Lisbon, Portugal [booked]

Lisbon has been stuck in my head for quite some time now; it just looks so fabulous, so beautiful and so inviting. I’m interested in seeing the old town, taking some beautiful photos and sampling some awesome food. I’m also pretty interested in the people and culture, having been told by my house mate who lived there for a year, that midnight is early and the language is dancing and sipping wine on the street. It sounds like my kind of city. I’m also pretty keen to see the coast and the countryside… but we’ll see how much I can get through in five days.


I had a recent, rather random, conversation with my boyfriend’s mum about Hannover. I haven’t considered going there since I was living in Germany; I’d sort of forgotten it existed, was a direct flight and was probably worth a look. But according to Helen it’s extremely beautiful and a hundred percent worth a weekend visit. So I’m thinking I’ll definitely fit that in at some point.

Anywhere in the Netherlands

Okay it’s official – I speak European level B1 Dutch (in theory) and have for a few years now and I haven’t, ever, been to the Netherlands. What am I doing with my life? (good question, I can never hope to answer). There are so many places in the Netherlands I’d like to visit, I think it’s so underrated as a country, probably because it rains so much but then, I live in the rainiest city in the UK so why would I mind? I’m going, I have to go.


Cheating I suppose. Texas muscled its way onto my Bucket List for this year by insisting it claim my boyfriend for four months in his new job. I’m ever so slightly jealous, and very excited for him that he gets to go and – slightly to his dismay I think – I am determined that I shall spend at least part of that four months out there with him. I started off my plans by saying I’d like to visit ‘several other states’ you know, just ‘while I’m over there’. This was until Alex pointed out just how vast Texas, and in fact America, is. I don’t think I’ll make it to many places outside of Texas, if any, but I’m damn keen to see what this state has to offer. Alex seems to really like it there.

Lincoln (& maybe the Wolds too)

A little city in the UK but I read this year that it is supposed to be one of the top ten most romantic cities in the UK. Not to be sneezed at, I think I’ll go and take a look. I have an idea that it may be better in winter time, preferably with a dusting of snow, we shall see.

And I’d just like to carry over a few from last year …


Yep, I’ve still not made it to Scotland and I still have a craving for Edinburgh as my first stop.

Chester Zoo

And yep, I still, still haven’t been to Chester Zoo.


I want to get the famous fish and chips – not that I didn’t have enough Fish and Chips at home, I worked in a chip shop for 4 years. I’m told I need to have kippers too. The idea of Whitby or Scarborough is so quintessentially British I can’t resist.

So despite saying I’d keep this list minimal and achievable I …haven’t really, have I? Where would you like to go? Do you have those places you’ve been meaning to go for ages and just never seem to get round to it? I’d love to hear about the places that inspire, or continuously evade, you!


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