Colours of Autumn

Disclaimer: Sorry I can’t edit photos to look a bit better like I normally do, my laptop is broken – as you may know already if you follow me – so I don’t have my normal editing program (or any of my photos from Asia… but that’s another rant).


This Sunday when I – eventually – woke up, it was so sunny and bright and autumnal that I knew a just had to get out of the house for a walk. I didn’t really mind where so I opted for a place I found recently while running, it’s called Philips Park.
We entered the Islington Branch canal path off Great Ancoats street (an area I became familiar with while house hunting recently) and started off between the mish-mash of buildings up away from the city centre along the canal side. It’s on odd mix of cobbles and mill buildings, some abandoned and creepy, some refurbished into modern luxury and some in a grey area in between, and bright, new building-block style apartments. The bridges are almost alarmingly low at points and then, as the canal rises, you come to the lock gates and the grass is almost luminously green, and the surroundings open up. The Ethiad Arena appears on your right and, as we were there, the trees glow beautifully golden and are reflected double in the still water, only disturbed by patient fishing parties.

Old meets new city scape gas station graffiti
Philips Park is a treat hiding in the centre of Manchester if you ask me. It’s wonderful to walk round in the autumn; it took me back to a few wonderful autumnal weekends in Germany. The leaves are every shade of amber, maple, treacle and dandelion yellow, and they were ankle deep at points. Can I say it was a record high temperature for the 1st of November too, but normally at this time of year I would have steaming breath like a dragon and be wearing at least a jacket if not gloves. There’s everything you want in an English park: a pond, a few play areas (not for me …obviously), a bowling green, a small skate park and plenty of long winding paths. You can also go back onto the road from the path and carry on to Clayton Vale but we were running out of light. It was also packed with chubby little, over-friendly squirrels.

canal walks

factory resetTree lined drive
After the park we went home for a cup of tea and warming winter pasta together – it’s really my ideal November Sunday. What’s your favourite autumnal walk? Where are the trees at their most spectacular near you?

Getting there: Easy walk if you’re in central Manchester! If you’re at Piccadilly Station, come out, head right up Store Street, at the end (you’re now on Great Ancoats Street) turn right and the canal entrance will be on the opposite side of the road, a little to your right. MAP This is the first time I’ve tried to share a MapMyRun map, let me know if this does/doesn’t/partially/almost works!


DSC_6367[1]  DSC_6350[1] DSC_6333[1]

P.s. I have a bunch of other pretty coloured posts like this 😉


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