Plane Journey Past Times

I love to travel but I don’t love the actual journeys so much; the plane, the train and especially not the boat. Who’s with me? Anyone who’s ever travelled with me will tell you that I sleep while I travel a lot. But when I’m not doing that I like to keep myself entertained in some way…

A recently discovered love but a love nonetheless; colouring books for adults are very fashionable right now, have you noticed? Either way, my friend started her colouring book a few months ago and I’ve been jealous ever since, so I decided to buy myself a travel sized one. I’ve never been the best at colouring between the lines – yes, I was that child – but I do find it delightfully distracting and now find myself colouring away for hours.

One of my favourite past times is knitting. As with the colouring, it’s not something I’m incredibly good at but it’s something I find super relaxing. I’m not sure whether I’d be allowed knitting needles on a plane though and I haven’t tried it yet. Does anybody know? Knitting is, however, a great thing to take on a coach or train. You can make it to the end of your journey and have actually created something!

I love my Kindle. It was a birthday gift this year and it’s really made it easier for me to take books when I travel. I wouldn’t have taken a book to Asia at all if it hadn’t been for this device. That being said, I just love the feel of a book. I receive books as gifts quite often and I have lots of books that I’ve bought or been lent, which I haven’t read yet. So either works for me, on a holiday where baggage weight doesn’t matter I still love to take my book and soak up the hours on a plane.

And finally, if I’m not editing blog posts on the plane or if I’m flying a short distance (i.e. there’s no movie selection like on long hauls) then I love a good old fashioned note books. I’ve been writing stories and poems and general collections of thoughts while on holiday for as long as I can remember, I’ve written pages I couldn’t bear to be torn away from on the beach as child, and I still love to write down my ideas and sometimes even stories now. Nothing wrong with going right back to basics.

I tend to also buy myself a magazine as a treat (it’s not something in my usual budget) while at airports – What do you get for yourself?

p.s. I was flying to Spain


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