Hola from the Balcony of Europe




Where am I right now? Well, I’m in Spain on a hotel break with my boyfriend and his family. But today especially we’ve headed a little way down the coast from Torrox Playas to the popular (although I didn’t know it) Nerja. The cliffs of Nerja, looking over a glistening blue sea today, call themselves the Balcony of Europe and I can definitely see why.



The white streets are typical of Spain and they’re bustling with tourists. The buildings are small, white, with flower adorned balconies and the views get better as you get nearer to the so-called Balcony. A promenade stretches out right to the edge of the cliff, where we gather for photos, and from there we can see the hotels and apartments peppered on the border between land and sea. Each seems to have its own private part of the beach (if not private then at least secluded), where the waves roll into the slightly dark, volcanic sand and large, volcanic, rocks make great sunbathing vantage points. The bay seems pretty keen on water sports too, we notice, as someone paragliding from the back of a boat sails past with their rainbow sheet ballooning overhead. There is a restaurant right below the viewpoint but we choose one just fractionally further back, although still in a prime location, with great views.

Nerja Nerja Nerja

P.s. to read about what I’ve been up to when I’ve been in England, go here, or click for adventures in Cambodia and Vietnam.


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