A Murmuration of Starlings

So, turns out finals at university are a lot harder than I imagined. I mean, I always knew they were supposed to be blooming difficult but … this really takes the biscuit, it takes the entire tin of biscuits! And they have really stolen my life, including this blog. So I thought I’d share one of my favourite moments of the last few months.

Ask me and my boyfriend what we’re doing in the evening and it’s probably not a meal out or a movie (I mean, it is sometimes) or going to a bar; we’re most likely heading for a walk or to a beach to take photos until our hands go blue and the light has vanished. That’s how we roll.

Sunset Aberystwyth Pier

Aberystwyth Pier

Aberystwyth Pier

The murmurations are fascinating; a mesmerising pulsing and buzzing of starlings swirling overhead. No one’s quite sure why they’re doing it, we know there’s safety in numbers but it doesn’t quite explain the shapes and the movement of the flock. For anyone who hasn’t seen a murmuration it’s almost indescribable; a mass of tiny black birds swarm together and descend over the body of water. The sky is dancing. There’s nothing like watching it – it’s like a spell. It was one of the most breathtaking things I’ve ever seen. Aberystwyth happens to be an exceptionally good place to see them, but they are visible in plenty of places in the UK, I think it’s best at dusk and usually near a body of water, since they’re hunting tiny insects. (Take a look here, the RSPB are very helpful!).

Aberystwyth Pier Aberystwyth Pier Murmurations Murmurations Murmurations Murmurations


It can also be oddly threatening at times, when they fill up the sky like something out of a Hitchcock film, an ominous black cloud giving off a kind of half-noise from the sheer amount of flapping. I’m struggling to find words to describe this bizarre, meditation feeling you get while watching them, it’s very rhythmic and distracting, they move like a fluid being; truly beautiful. Definitely something everyone should watch at least once, I could quite happily chase this spellbinding sight around every evening.

Aberystwyth Pier MurmurationsMurmurations Murmurations


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