At The Airport Again…

… But this time I’m not flying anywhere, say what?!


A great fact, known to many Aviation Geeks, including my boyfriend, but not previously to myself is that most airports have an observation area. That’s a space where you can go and watch planes take off and land, great if you have excitable children to occupy, or an excitable Other Half for that matter, or you’re one of those travellers who really likes the flying part of travelling and finds planes fascinating.


The Manchester Observation area has the Concord, which you can book tours round, a lovely cafe and some cool information points too, which makes it a nice little day out. In all fairness we didn’t pick the best day to go, it was cold and overcast and we got a little bit lost on the way. I tired my hand at taking pictures of the planes but was rather hopeless, while my boyfriend managed to take some great shots.


It seems weird doesn’t it? Hanging out at the airport and not going anywhere but it was weirdly fun and a good fantasy if you’re craving an adventure but can’t get away to go on one right now. Maybe…alternatively it might be torture!


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