I booked it!

I did IT.

Yea … I did THAT … I booked a post-graduation blow-out trip, because clearly I can’t see any need to have money left after graduation. *ahem*

As with the last time I posted about an adventure, I’m sat at a desk, where blogging is not my main job (I’m not even being paid for the main job I’m sat here for), I’m sipping on some team and rain is battering the window in true Manchester fashion; it’s so different from the place I am thinking of that it’s hard to comprehend.

I’ve booked a tour of Asia. I’ll talk about the politics of ‘Tour-ing’ rather than going it alone in another post but for now I’ll just tell you I’ve booked with STA travel, on their Indo-China tour, which will take me to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos in just four weeks. My brain feels like it might explode – I’ve wanted to go to Vietnam for so long, it’s a fairytale country in my heart and I can feel fireworks going off when I think I’ll be touching, tasting, seeing and smelling Vietnam in just a few short months.

It took a lot of time for me to work up the guts to book the tour. I’ve booked it with my boyfriend, for one thing, which means I’ve banked quite a lot on our relationship lasting (not that I’m worried), and it’s something your friends usually, unreservedly warn you against doing. But I’ve done that. He booked before me and then, somehow, a few weeks later right after an essay hand-in, I just walked up to the same travel agents (STA Manchester) and said “put me on the same trip”, which my lovely travel agent dutifully did.

I still have some planning to do, oh yes. We need to organise VISAs, look seriously at some insurance given that we’ll both want to take our cameras, buy Malarials, get injections (although I’m almost all up to date) and buy all the travel essentials of course. I’ve also got to sort my life out in terms of when I’m moving out of my flat, and how, and where I’m staying for Graduation – since we’ve booked the trip in June, meaning it clashes with just about everything. All accommodation stresses are sorted for us with a tour – fantastic – and although we’ve already already booked flights, we still need to work out money and a few other things.

I’ve been enchanted by the idea of going to Asia for a while, more so since I booked the trip I must say, I can’t wait to discover something new, something totally different. If anyone’s ever done the Indo-China tour with STA before, or toured with them at all, do please let me know below! If you have any recommendations or tips for any of those countries then please tell me those too, I’d be chuffed for any information.


2 thoughts on “I booked it!

  1. Very excited for you! Something I wish I’d done before going on my Asia trip was reading some literature set in those countries – not sure if that’s your kind of thing at all… Can’t wait to hear all about it!


    1. Ooo yea I should definitely do that. There’s a non-fiction book I want to read before I go, by a female soldier who was out in Vietnam at some point. I’d like to get my history brushed up too – so I know what I’m looking at. Do you have any book recommendations? (Hehe I have a guide book, but I don’t think that counts).


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