Bucket List 2015

As usual I don’t plan to complete the list, as I didn’t list year, but it’s fun to set yourself a challenge. I’ll update this as I plan things and go to things so you can see how I’m doing. Is there anywhere you’d like to hit up? My more serious Bucket List might contain getting a job, learning how to drive, entering a marathon etc. but…well, this one just doesn’t. Here’s my 2015 Travel Related Bucket List:

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos [Done]

Is it cheating to put this on because I’ve booked it? This will be my graduation present to myself (bloody better get good results hadn’t I?)! I’m so excited, I will be travelling on a tour with STA with my boyfriend too and I already can’t stop grinning when I think about it. I am most excited for Vietnam, as I’ve been obsessed with the idea of going since I watched the Top Gear Vietnam Special where they tour Vietnam on a motorbike. I won’t get to everything I want to see but I’ll see a lot. I’m also very excited – if that can be the word – to see the Killing Fields in Cambodia and the tunnels that were used during the time of the Viet Kong in Vietnam; I love war history.

Alderly Edge

Just outside of Manchester, or possibly technically in Greater Manchester, it’s certainly less dramatic than my previous one but it’s supposed to be a stunning view over Manchester. I’ve been meaning to get here for the last three years, it’s about time I got it done!

Chester Zoo

I love zoos, they’re one of my favourite places, and I haven’t made it to Chester Zoo yet; it’s a spring plan. (I did get to Blue Planet recently, or that would have been on my list too).


I want to get the famous fish and chips – not that I didn’t have enough Fish and Chips at home, I worked in a chip shop for 4 years. I’m told I need to have kippers too. The idea of Whitby is so quintessentially British I can’t resist.


Well, Snowdonia but I want to pop up Snowdon too; I’m aware it’s not too high or challenging but I’d just like to say I’ve done it. It’s pretty do-able since I’m commuting to and from Wales a fair bit to see my boyfriend at the moment.


I have some friends in Estonia who I met in Germany last year and I want to go and visit them, see what that little country is all about. I want to check out the architecture and the coast. And probably get drunk.


It was there last year, it remains there this year; it’s a German city that I’m annoyed I haven’t seen yet, I really haven’t done very much of north Germany and I’m dying to get over there again, money permitting.


Yep, I’ve never been into Scotland at all, which is pretty shocking, but I have a craving for Edinburgh as a first stop. I mean, I always have wanted to go but I feel like this might be the year. I have the impression of it being a really good romantic city for a weekend.

Northern Ireland

I am a geography nerd so Giants’ Causeway has been very high up my to-do list, for a long time, and yet it hasn’t been done. Again, I have a feeling this year might be the year, though I’m not sure if I’ll make it. I love to walk and be by the coast, and it’s one of the best examples of a limestone pavement you can get – that’s very exciting for me. While I’m heading that way I’d love to go via Belfast too, it’s the home town of one of my best friends and I’d love to check it out. Ireland has a really romantic appeal for me, there’s something very fairytale-ish about it in my head. But we’ll have to see.


3 thoughts on “Bucket List 2015

  1. That Top Gear Vietnam Special totally SOLD the country to me too! Who’d’ve thought that Jeremy Clarkson could influence my wanderlust so!
    Hamburg’s fabulous. I wrote about it recently and am desperate to gp back myself!


  2. […] So I’m in two minds about a Bucket List this year – if you want to know why check out my Bilingual blog (which I may be transferring to this site too). Basically I have become somewhat disenchanted with the concept of lists, and of setting huge expectations for myself, every day let alone every year. So I tentatively write this list, thinking about things I might actually be able to afford to do, and that I might definitely want to do. On the other hand, compared to all this list negativity, I am ultimately a big fan of sitting down and building dreams for myself while I write, even if that’s all they remain. And that’s what I did with my 2015 Bucket List. […]


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