It’s Not The Leaves That Are Leaving…

Anyone know that quote? It’s Winnie the Pooh (or A.A.Milne really I suppose) and I love it!

Red LeavesDunham House River

Old Barn

Oh Deer They really get this close

Anyway, better late than never, one of my favourite places I can recommend in the North West, especially when all the autumn colours are a-glow, is Dunham Massey. It’s a lovely place for families too. The grounds are large, not as large as Tatton Park but big and wooded with a lovely garden and vegetable garden too. My favourite part of the day was watching the deer; I crept closer and close, until I realised creeping was an unnecessary precaution, these are really quite friendly as deer go. Apparently they will steal an ice cream from your hand in the summer.

Deer Deer Deer DSC02834 Mum & Dad find a deer Chard Vegetable Garden

If you’re as much of a fan of autumn golds and burnished orange as I am, then put it on your list for next year, or visit in the spring to catch the lovely fawns.

Wood Sculpture The House Mum Autumn Colours Autumn Colours Purple Plants Lime Tree Roses hydrangea




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