Off On An Adventure #update – A Friendly Money Warning

Today I learnt something new…Rupees are, according to the lady at the post office, a ‘closed currency’. Damn.

What this means is, you can’t collect/buy your currency in another country, in my case the UK, you have to collect it when you arrive. I was thinking I was going to sort out my money before I left but now I’m going to have to take £s over and exchange them once I get there. In a way this gives me a bit more flexibility, because I can take out how many pounds I think I will need but if it turns out I need less, then I can bring the pounds right back without losing out on the double exchange. 

I had NO IDEA that India’s currency was of this kind – I didn’t even know there were currencies like this. I know, probably rather naive. But now I’m a tad wiser and I hope it’s going to be pretty easy to find somewhere to exchange once I arrive. Wherever you’re heading, if it’s outside of Europe, you might want to check whether it operates like this (I’ve asked a few people and apparently some African countries and China, definitely operate in this way). 

p.s. I’m getting really excited now!


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