Feeling Ready… Off On An Adventure #update

I am so very pleased to let you all know that I had my final pre-travel injection today. But oh my something god did that hurt! Apparently this is my fault, since I was so tense she could ‘barely get it in’ (ooer I say!), when I had actually been actively trying to relax my arm – so much for that technique, I’ll go back to singing nursery rhymes in my head next time.

And yes, there is a next time. With my course of Hep B I’ve had three doses, once a month since May. However because this is really too quick it doesn’t give me complete coverage unless I get another booster jab in a year. Yay! I am really looking forward to feeling that liquid ooze its way down the inside of my arm again. I also have another Hep A jab to get in August to complete my coverage for 3 years.

Tomorrow’s India Mission: Find out how to prove I don’t have yellow fever.


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