Off On An Adventure Part #1

I’m writing this with my morning cup of tea, at the office desk, with my muesli, in a country that is so polar opposite to where I’m going I can’t even quite describe the gulf. I am excited.

Me and Sri at the end of year ball
Two best friends

I’m about to go to another continent and that’s something I’ve never done before but have been dying to do forever. The deal was initially presented over more than one drink at a house party for my friend Srivalli’s birthday; she extended an open invitation to a few of her close friends to come and stay with her in India after she graduated. I took her at her word. This only materialised into an actual plan when I had already been living in Europe for a few months, thoroughly hating my job, and was dying for a pick-me-up – I double checked she was serious about the offer and was too damn thrilled that she was.

 we are posers
we are posers

From then onwards my trip planning has ensued, not free of stress, and made a lot more complicated by the fact I’m living abroad, so securing VISA and injections at appropriate times has been, and still is proving, a mammoth struggle. But the next time I go through all this planning and faff I will definitely be better – in every way – at organising this and getting myself reading to travel.

I’m going to write a travel tips series on The Big Trip over the next few weeks, posting here and on my youtube channel (oh yea, I have one!) where I’ll tell you all the lessons I’ve learnt, hopefully have some people comment to me and share their travel tips so that I can get better at this planning malarkey, and take you along with me till the day I fly, plus sneak peeks at what’s inside my suitcase/rucksack (I am not glamorous, you’ve been warned) and hopefully a rough idea of itinerary. Maybe! I don’t want to be too planned. I hope to write a blog post over there for everywhere that I visit – so that’ll be exciting. Tell me if you’re off anywhere exciting this year?

So i’s official, and I literally scrunch every muscle into a tight knot with excitement every time I think of it; I’m off to India, specifically Bangalore, Kerala and Hyderabad to visit one of my dearest friends for three weeks and finally see her part of the world.



Coming soon in the Series:

Injections Experience

Getting a VISA and Insurance

Mosquitos, Malarials and Medication

That Thing Called Heat

What am I taking?



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