What’s in my weekend bag?

I was pretty proud of how minimally I packed for 3 days, 2 nights in Salzburg and even this was a little more than needed really. I thought I’d give you a quick peak of what I took along in the hope of showing that packing light is easy(ish) even though it’s everybody’s least favourite part of the trip.

So, it all fitted in my 20litre rucksack, which was heavy but a perfect size for dodging from train to train without forgetting anything or taking anyone out. The things that I kept in my waterproof pockets (ideally, these are quite large) were my water bottle, because I hate paying for water while out and about, my train tickets and my purse. My bag is helpful and has a little clip inside that I can attach my keys to- I am a klutz, I need this or they would be lost forever more.

Rucksack plus extras

Tip 1: If I need my walking boots on holiday then I always wear them to travel; damn, those things are heavy otherwise. That’s why you can see my lovely beat-up converse, these are my gig shoes, my going out (not on a posh night) shoes, my walking round town and casual shoes, they work for everything so they come everywhere with me. I also travel in my jeans, because I live in jeans and because they are pretty heavy. So quite often you don’t need a change of ‘bottoms’ for this amount of time, really you don’t, but if I want to go out or go somewhere nice I chuck in a pair of tights and either a skirt or denim shorts; both are uncrease-able, result. And one choice of ‘evening’ shirt/top…you don’t need more, embrace being decisive! To add to that I threw in a hopeful tank top and shorts, I did even get a chance to wear the shorts, but these were just in case the weekend surprised me. The sunglasses, on the other hand, were very unnecessary. To make these smaller I would get a slightly softer, smaller case than the one I have here, but this has been toted around with me for god knows how long, and not a scratch on my glasses or my sunglasses, so I’m not in a hurry to change it.

Rucksack content

Yep, those things are knickers. Do not forget! And socks, you can see those too, I always pack too many pairs but allow me that one flaw.

I’ve packed my book and, yes, a Kindle or equivalent would be lighter; and my notebook and pen. Passport isn’t really necessary for a European in Europe but what I’ve found is that a lot of countries don’t recognise my English driving licence as acceptable ID, so I take this with me when I’m gone for a few days. You never know. Right there on top of the passport are plasters, my travel essential because my feet are battered, so blisters are likely. I’m also clumsy…ergo, plasters. Eye drops are a weird one too but I feel like they’re great for tired travelling eyes or even hung over/worse-for-wear eyes and there’s nothing more annoying than red eyes if you forgot to makeup remove or having sand or dust scratching at them. I adore eye drops.


My hand cream could be dropped, for sure, but it makes me feel more human especially if it’s technically a city break. I was especially thankful for this after I had used my hands to help me scramble up and down a mountain side and then wanted to go into a restaurant. If you’re someone who can get away with just water washing your face- you go do that. I can’t sadly and I haven’t even found a decent travel sized face wash, so this lump came with me, if you know any, do please comment and let me know.

And the cosmetics bag…this is the skilled bit. My tooth brush I carry is always a cheap, light manual; I leave my electric at home. My VW Camper lip balm is a gimmick, but I love it, but I will always carry a balm or salve because it’s very humanizing if you just want one luxury. Sun burn, wind burn, dehydration, lipstick over use; they all occur on holiday. I love my reliable deodorant too, it’s fairly light, although not as light as a spray I’ve just always used this mitchem one or the roll-on by dove, and the travel sizes are very easy to get hold of. Soap and Glory also have a great travel sized range, they are my more luxury travel sizes, as you can see the orange and yellow bottles of hair product are taken from another hotel. NEVER pass up this opportunity to take travel freebies. I don’t go to hotels very often, but when I do I always stock up, it’s fun to try new products too. The mini-moisturiser is by Lavera, and came free with a face wash, but it’s the ideal travel size, it will fit in a purse if necessary.

Makeup Bag

Unnecessary but the most basic makeup look to be done; concealer, powder, eyebrow kit, eyeliner, mascara and powder brush.  My perfume is also the ideal travel size (but in fact full size) even though it wasn’t intended as such, Paul Smith, it’s just such a practical shaped bottle.

So assuming I have a bed with sheets to stay in, that lot plus a phone charger is all I need. Neat, no? What do you pack for a weekend?

The view

for more of my adventures in Salzburg, check out my blog post by clicking on the photo!


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