Quick Trick for Saving Weight

The simplest thing can save you luggage weight when you’re packing for very limited space. My two tips today are almost too obvious to mention, yet I don’t know many people who do them, so perhaps they’re useful…


1. Remove all your unwanted cards (and rubbish like old receipts) from your purse. A large purse like this weighs a bit anyway and when you add a tonne of gift vouchers and loyalty cards…let’s just say I can feel the difference in it, and it makes it less bulky too.

my keys and purse

2. Take all your unneeded key rings and keys off and leave just one ring (to attach to your luggage or somewhere safe) and the keys you absolutely need. It saves a very small amount of weight and space, but it saves some security too- the less you take, the less you have to lose.


“He who travels lightest, gets furthest and brings the most back”


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