I’m aware this list is overwhelmingly large. I know. But like I mentioned…I don’t plan on getting through it all, but it keeps me motivated.

The Berg Kerkweih [DONE]

This is definitely happening because everyone else in our town (plus outside visitors) will be there, there will be no point in us trying to leave town, because I’m pretty sure all the train drivers will have hopped off, turned the engines off, and gone up to the Berg. It’s our local ‘Oktober Fest’, still really packed, but nothing on the scale of the original; it’s supposed to be quite pretty too.

Essen [DONE]

I have a friend who’s staying there this year. That’s it really.

Österreich[DONE] [SALZBURG]

Salzburg and Wien- Whether I’ll do them both or save them for a separate ‘Austria Year’ I don’t know. But while we’re this far south I’d love to venture into totally unknown waters and sample Austria. For all the obvious reasons- mostly the beauty and the Kaffee Häuse.

Prague [DONE]

I think nearly everybody wants to go to Prague. Its beauty is raved about everywhere, and despite me knowing it as a popular Stag Night Destination (which makes me cringe) I’ve been assured it’s not just a drinking city. It’s supposed to be very romantic and architecturally and historically stunning- I’m excited! We will be going…it’s just a case of when.

Dresden [DONE]

By which I mean this weekend. I think my main attraction to Dresden is the Semper Oper, because I’ve seen so many wonderful pictures of it, but now I know about the Zwinger, the Fürsten Zug and the surrounding countryside so I’m pretty pumped to go -especially as it’s my first travelling outing this month, I’m starting to get itchy feet. Despite all my colleages repeatedly telling me this is the ‘wrong time of year’ and ‘it’ll be horrible’, I can’t just stop traveling in the boring months of winter because it might not look ideal. Although if the temperatures drop as low as they say they might I will be glad of an extra sleeping bag in the hostel!

München [DONE]

I’m visiting during February for a special birthday, I’m very excited. I definitely would have loved to see it in the summer but I’m excited to see it full stop. So far I’ve only seen it from behind the barriers of Oktober Fest or the inside of the airport. I’m especially excited for Schloss Nymphemburg, if the weather holds up.

Oktober Fest [DONE]

Just because it’s Oktober fest really, it’s something that people rave about and we wanted to see what all the hype was about. It’s supposed to be the epitome of Beer festivals (and was it?), at the very least it attracts an enormous crowd and a chance to visit München.

Berlin (again) [DONE]

So I’ve been to Berlin three times now, I love it so much every time, it’s a city to which I devote far too many words and emotions.

Regensburg [DONE]

I thought Regensburg was really beautiful and much bigger than I’d thought, we were tired from walking surprisingly early and I’d properly like to visit it again if I get the chance. It seems like another town that would be beautiful for walking in the summer, because of the river, but it’s so cozy and beautiful with all the Christmas Markets a-twinkling.

Würzburg [DONE]

I hadn’t heard of it before this year, my friend wanted to go, so we went. It was gorgeous, I didn’t think it was as cute and pretty as Bamberg but it was rather stately. I really love the vineyards and the almost-hike to the massive castle at the top. However, we did skip on paying going into The Residenz and I feel this was a mistake -hopefully I pop back for a look- because the pictures of the inside look stunning.

Bamberg [DONE]

I’ve been to Bamberg probably a few too many times now. It has a wonderful market, gorgeous higgledy piggledy architecture and a beautiful river, great views and fantastic window shopping. The beer is also the best! I’m very in love with this place, it’s one of my favourite places I’ve been this year I think.

Run to Forcheim [DONE]

This is an odd Bucket List feature, but on my list for Year Abroad was to run 20km to the next not-too-small town with a train station. I’ve done that; I’m very proud. I am up for upping my game a little though and heading for the next furthest big town…that’s Nuremberg and will be 33km if I make it.

NürnbergWeihnachtsmarkt [DONE]

Nürnberg itself was a given, it’s only twenty minutes by local train. But the Christmas Markets are world famous, and actually worth seeing too! I found them stunning, and supplied half my family’s Christmas presents from them. They are crowded, it’s true, but they’re magical and wonderful too.

Frankfurt [DONE]

Frankfurt was a very mixed and beautiful city, I definitely thought it was the kind of city I’d like to live in.

Leipzig Balloon Fest

I’ve always wanted to go to a Hot Air Balloon Festival, I love watching them, I would really love to go in one. But this one is supposed to be very pretty and I’ve never been to Leipzig before either, which is renowned for being a wonderful city.


I’ve just never been to that part of Germany and it’s supposed to be worth seeing. I’ve been told to go to the Docks and to walk down Reeper Bahn (in the day time with friends), and also that it’s a very green and beautiful city, and lovely for a weekend. We shall see…


It’s about an hour and a half from me and I believe it’s where part of the royal family is from (?). I’m pretty keen on going to have a look during a chilled out weekend, but it seems to be more of a ‘looking’ city/town, rather than a ‘doing’ so I’m going to wait for warmer or sunnier weather.

Black Forest

I’ve been dying to go to the Black Forest since I was a child, because then it sounded magical. Now of course it’s more about the hiking opportunities but I’m still just as keen.


If I get the chance I’d love to go to the top of Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany. But this is a case of squeezing it into the summer season, since I think it’s closed right now. If not, then we are certainly lacking in daylight hours to climb the whole thing and the temperatures up there are pretty damn low right now.


Because- no really hear me out- because no one ever says they’ve been to Lichtenstein. I think this is because there’s very little there, by common consent, but I want to at least spend a night (I have a choice of less than five venues if I remember rightly) to say that I’ve been, because it’s unlikely to rock up on anybody else’s ‘been there’ list, and because I stand a fighting chance of seeing the royal family, which would just be cool.


Is this on the list ‘just because’, I mean…yea. Everyone says you should see Hanover. I don’t even know why, but it’s on there.


This is, rather frustratingly, just outside of Dresden, literally a 30min tram. But I’m told January may really not be the ideal time to visit, and we may be exhausted if we try and squeeze the entire city into one day rather than a slightly more leisurely two. We shall see what happens, but I don’t think I’ll make it to this one this time.


Famed for being beautiful, picturesque, classic…the lot. I do really want to go to Heidelberg just because it’s on everyone’s ‘must see Germany’ list.


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