Holocaust Jewish Memorial



The Holocaust memorial is a bizarre, surreal kind of place, especially when you haven’t yet been to the concentration camp (recently) so have no real point of reference. The feeling around the memorial is obscure too, it’s right by the park and the road, people at sitting and lying on the smooth stones, people are meeting here, children are playing in it- I’m not sure how I feel about this- and it’s as much a part of the city’s normality as the traffic lights or the park benches. I’m torn as to whether this is how it should be, a part of the city just as it is a part of the history, or whether it should be revered and shrouded in respectful silence. As you walk in between the large grave-like concrete blocks there is a kind of silence as the road noise is partially obscured, it’s very peaceful in the shady spaces between the tombs, the looming slabs of grey rock. It’s hard to picture what it’s supposed to represent, there’s a missing link, it doesn’t quite fit into that space into your head that’s reserved for horrible facts of life. They are beautiful, in their own eerie geometric way, I feel almost as though aliens just dropped them here on their way past. They are good at making you think quiet sombre thoughts, but not necessarily about the Holocaust. Shadow-like; haunting.


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