Fernsehturm- Berlin

Tourist ridden and a little hectic, the Fernsehturm is still absolutely worth the visit. Any time of day will present you with a queue or at least a short wait so you may as well go early. We are shot upwards in an enclosed steel case, not my favourite pass time, at 6metres a second but which somehow feels like not moving at all, and the whole experience is rather space age so far. The panoramic viewing tower feels surprisingly small when you get up there, even staring down at the toy-town you feel insignificant in comparison. Its intricacies are really only perceptible from above, the angular nature of its street pattern, the sleek curves on the modern buildings, the rise and fall of the multiple domes, the odd green oblongs that are grass roofs. Predominantly white or silver with the occasional terracotta interruption, at some points it seems there is a sandwich filling of green between every building, two fat snakes prowl the space below; one is the Spree, slower and lazier, and the other is the city’s impressive railway system, curving itself purposefully every way you look. The restaurant, to enter which you must purchase some food or drink, is more airport lounge than space age and it feels a lot bigger up here. My first revolving restaurant is serving impressive food (at impressively high prices) for such a small kitchen which is situated, I assume, in the central column. I don’t look out so much now, I just enjoy the experience of sitting and turning and eating, but when I do gaze out of the window it’s mostly at the virtually cloudless, clear blue sky.

 TV Tower at Night


2 thoughts on “Fernsehturm- Berlin

  1. I love the Fernsehturm and it’s great to go up the tower to view Berlin from above. The only disappointment is that you are in one of Berlin’s most impressive buildings and therefore can’t see it. I’d recommend a visit to the Sun Terrace at the Park Inn for great views including the Fernsehturm, a snip at €3.


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